I am a comparative psychologist specializing in social cognition. Currently I work as an Assistant Professor at the Animal Ecology Group of Utrecht University (NL). My research mainly focuses on the proximate mechanisms underlying animal social relations, with special interest in cooperative and prosocial behaviours. For that I use both observational and experimental approaches. Moreover, to put my studies in an evolutionary perspective, I employ a broad comparative approach, focusing on a variety of primate and bird species.

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Ethology, Volume 126, Issue 2, Special Issue:

Studying the Evolution of Cooperation and Prosociality in Birds

January 12, 2020

Special Issue on Cooperation and Prosociality in Birds now Online!

As a guest editor I have edited a special issue in Ethology entitled "Studying the evolution of cooperation and prosociality in birds", which will be the February Issue (126(2)), and which includes an editorial by me and three papers on which I am a co-author. Cover is also by me.

December 31, 2019

New paper in Current Zoology

Yawn duration predicts brain weight across domesticated dog breeds.

October 08, 2019

New paper in the Journal of Comparative Psychology

Crows (Corvus corone ssp.) Check Contingency in a Mirror yet Fail the Mirror-Mark Test

September 30, 2019

New paper in Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews

Review about how to proceed with testing the effect of affect / emotions in cooperative interactions of animals and humans.

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